We believe …

That we are all sinners (Romans 3:10,23).
When God said there are none righteous, he meant none. Only Jesus was without sin and the only way to be right with God is to confess our sins.

That God judges sin (Romans 6:23a).
When we stand before God, he must pay us what he calls “the wages of sin.” Sin separates us from God and in the end it will separate us from God permanently.

That Jesus took on himself the wages of our sins (Romans 5:8).
Jesus was God incarnate, come to earth for the purpose of taking upon himself our sins. Our salvation was the joy that was set before him and the reason he endured the cross (Hebrews 12:2).

That repentance is the evidence of our faith (Luke 13:1-5).
Repentance is turning away from sin and going toward God. Belief in Jesus is belief in all his teachings, salvation, lifestyle and service.

That you would like to be sure you’ll go to heaven when you die.
Isn’t that why you’re reading?
Romans 10:13 says if you call on Jesus to save you, you shall be saved.
I John 5:11-13 says you can know for sure that you have eternal life if you have Jesus as your personal Savior.

That you should pray and ask Jesus to save you right now!
Example: Dear Lord, I know that I’m a sinner and deserve your judgment. I thank you for paying for my sins on the cross with the blood of Jesus, and by faith I believe your promise to save me by grace and not by my works. As best I know how I’m calling on Jesus to save me right now. Amen!

If you pray and accept Christ, while all heaven rejoices the Devil won’t be glad. If you’ll let us know (509-775-1028) we’ll help you understand God’s will for your new life in Jesus Christ and show you in the Bible how to find peace and joy.

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